Big data and real-time AI to enrich your business

We offer 360-degree data management consulting services.

Why Cherrydata?

We develop innovative applications, in cloud and on premises.

Tangible business impact

We design applications around business performance needs.

Agile design

We deliver early prototypes to reach ambitious goals incrementally.

Data lifecycle management

We manage big data along the entire data lifecycle.

Real-time AI

We extract value from big data in real-time with cutting-edge AI techniques.

Our services


We measure our success based on our customers’ business KPIs, with a long-standing cross-industry experience.


We have developed a high-performance database, available at, enabling the most demanding big-data use cases.


Fast knowledge transfer for a fully independent exploitation and governance of our technologies.



Design of an end-to-end service to provide rapid spatial insights and evidences about geo-localised events that may have an impact on COVID-19 outbreak evolution.


Applying space and mobility data to demand prediction and economic forecast. We use space data on representative italian ports to predict the economic growth.


We have been selected as one of the key technology startups to participate in the DMS (Data Market Services) accelerator programme.


We are proud to be one of the innovative European startups to participate in the EIC "Greenhouse Gas programme".


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